It's his fresh approach to jazz that will capture your attention.  There are artists who play, and then there are artists that speak to your soul.  Far more than an entertainer, the signature sounds of Marqué will be your tour guide to an unforgettable experience. Marqué will stir your love for great music with his smooth yet soulful approach to jazz music.

The 2010 release of Marqué’s debut mixtape, Rhythm & Jazz: The Unthinkable, was the launch of his solo career. A compilation of hip-hop, R&B, and soul cover tracks, Marqué was finally able to introduce his enticing versatility. The mixtape created quite a buzz and left many wanting to hear more from this budding jazz artist.  In 2012, he released his completely original sophomore album, QUÉludes: Music. Drugs. Addiction.  Coupled with spoken word and live instrumentation, QUÉludes fully captured his distinct, new sound. Through his innovative way of producing jazz music, Marqué is seeking to bridge the gap between today’s hip-hop and yesterday’s jazz.


From 2013 to 2015, Marqué performed with the BB Kings All Star Band aboard the Holland America cruise line, where he toured the European, Caribbean, and Mediterranean Seas.  Traveling the world has always been a goal.  Now that he has gotten a taste of those cultures – and they have partaken of his soulful sounds – Marqué has returned home, ready to transform more dreams into reality.